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ATTENTION Realtors...

Are you tired of short sale listings wasting your time and not getting you paid?
Stop working so hard on deals that don't get you paid.  Free up your time to  focus on better listings by sending your short sale clients our way and we'll pay you a referral fee.  You can finally turn those frustrating short sale leads into CASH. 

Do you have listings that just won't sell?
We provide creative solutions for sellers who simply can't sell the traditional way.  Send those "stuck between a rock and a hard place" clients our way we'll pay you a referral fee 

Do you have a listing that is perfect for an investor buyer? 
We're investors and we want to see what you've got!

Do you represent an investor buyer who is looking for a great deal?
We may have a few deals in our inventory that would be perfect for your investor client.

We would like to get to know you.  Please call our offices at 646-384-1586 and introduce
yourself.  We can discuss in greater detail, ways  in which we can work together for mutual success.  You can also contact us by filling out the following form:

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On average, how many "no-equity" properties do you come across per month?
How are you currently handling your "no-equity" listing calls and appointments?

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